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Put yourself into the caring hands of our staff.


Seaweed cream peeling
For him and her

A creamy ocean dream. Enjoy this velvety hot seaweed mousse which will gently and carefully rid your body of all its dead skin cells. A warm, caring seaweed peeling with extracts of mallow and ruscus.

After only one application you will already have absolutely peachy skin.

Duration: 30 min.
39,- €

Sea foam wash
For him and her

Full body peeling with foaming gel with extracts of coconut and red algae. Afterwards you will feel re-energised and wonderfully refreshed.

Duration: 30 min.
39,- €

Sea-salt body peeling
For him and her

Tingling peeling experience. Consisting of:
· Peeling using sea-salt and pure  seaweed extract
· Vitalising massage
The skin is perfectly prepared for subsequent products and active agents.

Duration: 30 min.
39,- €

Show us your feet

The feet are gently cared for, toe nails shaped, unsightly hard skin removed. The treatment is finished with an energetic foot massage. Your feet will thank you for this act of kindness by giving you a great floating sensation.

Medical foot care     approx. 45 min.     37.00 Euros

Leg depilation lower leg     approx. 30 min.    27.00 Euros
Leg depilation whole leg     approx. 40 min.    36.00 Euros



Blue lagoon bath

Micro algae in a maritime care complex, extract of water lilies and essential oils.

  • Helps the skin by defending against free radicals
  • Produces suppleness
  • Soothes and moisturises
  • Improves the microcirculation

Duration: 30 min.
37,- €


Active substances from the sea are not only completely natural, they are also easy to tolerate and highly effective. They have a calm balancing and relaxing effect.

Algae body wrap
For him and her

100% pure micro-pulverised algae
· Remineralise and moisturise
· Reduce water retention and fatty deposits
· Care for the skin with valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals
purifies – drains – deacidifies

Wellbeing improves over the long term, the body regenerates

Duration: 60 min.
75,- €


This is the ultimate treatment programme for cellulite. Wrap with alginate and diatoms combined with extract of active substance; effective for tightening weak connective tissue and cellulite and can help encourage weight loss.

  • Peeling
  • Cellulite massage
  • Alginate body wrap

The result: firmer body contours and silky smooth skin in minutes.

Duration: 60 min.
85,- €


Take yourself on an exotic voyage of discovery in 4 deeply relaxing and sensory stages of treatment. You’ll learn the traditional Maori secrets of beauty on the mysterious Polynesian islands, and reach a state of deep wellbeing and relaxation.

This extraordinary holistic SPA ritual combines a unique massage technique, exclusive ingredients and an exotic world of fragrance. Relax while you bath in bubbling water in the lagoon. Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage ritual with hot sand  stamps. Wrap your body in a  delicate mother-of-pearl shimmer.

Duration: 110 min.
139,- €