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Put yourself into the caring hands of our staff.


Seaweed cream peeling

A creamy ocean dream. Enjoy this velvety hot seaweed mousse which will gently and carefully rid your body of all its dead skin cells. A warm, caring seaweed peeling with extracts of mallow and ruscus.

After only one application you will already have absolutely peachy skin.

Duration: 30 min.
42,- €


A mix of pure sea salt and essential oils liberates your skin from dead skin cells. At the same time experience the effect of algae and plants in combination with 100% pure, natural essential oils. Selected and customized essences firm, vitalize, tone and soothe according to your needs. Your skin will be able to breathe again, you will feel light and your appearance will be refined – just like after a swim in the sea.

Dauer: 30 Min.
42,- €

Show us your feet

The feet are gently cared for, toe nails shaped, unsightly hard skin removed. The treatment is finished with an energetic foot massage. Your feet will thank you for this act of kindness by giving you a great floating sensation.

Cosmetic foot care     approx. 45 min.   41.00 €

Additional services:
nail polish                             5,- €
peeling                                   5,- €

Leg depilation lower leg     approx. 30 min.    27.00 €
Leg depilation whole leg     approx. 40 min.    36.00 €


Blue lagoon bath

Micro algae in a maritime care complex, extract of water lilies and essential oils.

  • Helps the skin by defending against free radicals
  • Produces suppleness
  • Soothes and moisturises
  • Improves the microcirculation

Duration: 30 min.
39- €


Active substances from the sea are not only completely natural, they are also easy to tolerate and highly effective. They have a calm balancing and relaxing effect.

Algae body wrap

100% pure micro-pulverised algae
· Remineralise and moisturise
· Reduce water retention and fatty deposits
· Care for the skin with valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals
purifies – drains – deacidifies

Wellbeing improves over the long term, the body regenerates

Duration: 60 min.
75,- €


Blissful dreams on a Far Eastern journey
with four sensory stopovers, combining beauty results with a unique spa experience.

Mediterranean Stopover A prelude with Citrus flavours

The Sweet and Savory Body Scrub with mediterranean essential oils awakes your senses, smoothes the skin and prepares your body for the following treatment steps.

Egyptian Stopover Relax on the Nile
The Precious Milk Bath Powder transforms into a creamy milk on contact with water and cloaks your body in a shimmering veil as if in precious finery. Its delicate fragrance gives this moment a deliciously sensual ambiance.

Indian Stopover Tranquility on the sacred Ganges
Before starting to work with oil, we use a vitalisation technique targeted by the apposition silky, smooth cream. This is then followed by the Massage itself, which unites the most effective and popular traditional massage techniques and leads the body into a state of peace and total harmony.

Chinese Stopover The temple of Beauty

A real caress of silk, this rich, creamy texture glides onto the skin like a silk sheet. Its enchanting, sophisticated fragrance divinely accompanies this moment of restored wholeness. You are perfectly relaxed and your skin is sensually powdered.

Dauer: 120 Min.
145,- €