The objective of a massage is to dissipate tension of psychological and physical origin, leaving the head free and allowing energy to flow freely once again. Our masseurs from the HOWE physiotherapy centre are extremely experienced, and know just how to “tackle” your case.


Classic massage with essential oils

Back massage with neck or leg massage
Duration: 25 min.
38,- €

De luxe massage with essential oils

Back massage with neck and both legs
Duration: 40min.
62,- €

Deep full body massage with essential oils

Intensive back treatment, legs and arms
Duration: 50 min.
74,- €

Lymphatic drainage

Head an neck
Duration: 25 min.
38,- €

belly and legs
Duration: 40 min.
62,- €

Both legs and stomach, or both arms and neck and chest
Duration: 50 min.
74,- €

Massage & hot roller

Back massage with neck
Duration: 40 min.
62,- €

Reflexology foot massage

Duration: 45 min.
65,- €

Traditional ear candle Treatment

Duration: 40 min.
65,- €


Massage with mobilisation of spinal column
Duration: 55 min.
78,- €

Body & Relax*

Hot wraps for feet and back, facial lymphatic drainage, full body massage, foot massage, treatment with hot oil
Duration: 80 min.
114,- €*


* This treatment is between beginning of October – Middle of December only from Monday – Thursday bookable.


Our essential oil massage will give you beauty and wellbeing direct from nature. Flowers, fruits, leaves and roots produce superb quality essential oils and pure aromatic plant essences: their extraordinary active ingredients make them perfect for use on the skin and body.

During a massage using essential oils the pure natural ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and, depending on their type and composition, stimulate the nervous system, circulation and lymphatic system. In addition to the actual effects of the plant essences, their scent increases individual wellbeing and affects body and soul.

Highly effective oils are used in the essential oils massage. Just like aromatherapy, the body, soul and spirit regenerate. A feeling of total wellbeing is guaranteed!

Classic   Duration 25 min.    38,- Euros
De Luxe   Duration 40 min.   62,- Euros

Hot Stone Massage

Feel the healing effect of hot energy. Your skin will be softly and gently massaged during a hot stone massage with precious oils.

The gentle energy of the hot stone gliding over your skin releases fabulously pleasant feelings of warmth throughout the body. The circulation of the blood and the tissue function are stimulated during the hot stone massage, and the flow of lymph is improved. Tension disappears, vital energy is created and many bodily functions experience a positive effect.

Partial massage approx. 45 min. 76,- Euros
Full body massage approx. 70min. 111,- Euros*

* This treatment is between the beginning of October – Middle of December only from Monday – Thursday bookable.

Abhyanga full body massage

The Ayurvedic Abhyanga full body massage strengthens the immune system, has a rejuvenating effect and overall has a very cleansing result.

The combination of the hot oils, the stroking movement of the massage and the gentle stimulation of the vital points make a very enjoyable experience. The high-quality oils penetrate deep into the skin. A sensation of perfect harmony spreads from the top of your head right down to the tips of your toes.

Abhyanga full body massage approx. 60 min. 104,- Euros


* This treatment is between Beginning October – Middle of December only from Monday – Thursday bookable.