Your wellness stay becomes a fount of youth thanks to our beauty treatments.

Cleaning treatment

Clarifying treatment for a pure fresh skin. Maritime active ingredients give a mat finish and refine your skin.
(Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, concentrate, face mask)

Duration: 50 Min.
€ 61,-

Fresh treatment

Regenerating treatment for a tired and energy less skin type. For more radiation and vitality.
(Cleaning, peeling, short face massage, concentrate, face mask)

Duration: 50 Min.
€ 61,-

Pampering treatment

Calming treatment for a sensitive and very dry skin type.
The micro algae oils of plankton regenerate and give you a new sense of comfort.
(Cleaning, peeling, serum, short face massage, face mask)

Duration: 50 Min.
€ 61,-

Individual face treatment by thalgo

After we have carefully diagnosed your skin, we go specifically for your skin needs.
(Deep cleansing, peeling, active substance serum, cream mask and a short face massage)

Duration: 75 Min.
€ 95,-

Anti-Age Care Concept by Thalgo*

After the individual cleaning, peeling and strengthening of your skin you will receive a combination from a professional anti-wrinkle massage with a cryo double mask. Tired skin and wrinkles are actively combated.
The highly effective of silicon, collagen and hyaluron accompany the application and give your skin power and vitality.
(Deep cleansing, peeling, active substance serum, short face massage, mask, statement care)

Duration: 75 Min.
€ 105,-*

*This treatment is between 01.10. – 15.12. only from Monday – Thursday bookable.

Ultrasound Face treatment

Ultrasound treatments give you the possibility for a specific deep effect from the introduced products.
(Intensive face lift massage + ultrasound)

Duration: 35 Min.
€ 45,

Only For Him

Invigorating treatment with algae extracts and anti-age complex.
For a clear and fresh men skin.

Duration: 60 Min.
€ 65,-

Facial Treatment Extras

Dye Eyelashes        € 20,-

Eyebrow correction   € 20,-

Dye Eyebrows         € 20,-

Facial hair removal with wax upper lip / chin € 20,-

Wellness break Velvet & Silk

An intensive body wrap, combined with cozy warmth, cares for your soft skin. The special extract: Cleaning sea foam wash (peeling) of the body and 1 cup of herbal bio-tea.

Duration: 60 Min.
€ 77,-

Wellness Break Tender Wrap

A soft back massage with 100% vegan wild roses, – or lavender oil give you Sustainable relaxation. The special extra: vital face and eye mask and 1 cup of herbal bio-tea.

Duration: 60 Min.
€ 77,-